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Chest Tattoo Designs For Black Men

04 Jul

chest tattoo designs for black men
chest tattoo designs for black men, Chest Tattoos

Over the last two to three years, more and more people are drawn into getting Chinese tattoo designs. Aesthetically, having something foreign inscribed on ones’ skin, could be a very interesting conversational piece. But aside from its ornamental value, more people are joining the bandwagon of having Chinese designs inked on them for the things that the designs do represent.

Among all Chinese Tattoo designs, the most popular design is that of the DRAGON. A mystical creature believed by the Chinese people to bring good luck and fortune. This is also the reason why the Chinese New Year would not be complete without the performance of the dragon dance. The said practice is believed to chase away bad luck and invite good fortune. As such, people who choose this design do so in order to ward off evil spirits and invite good tidings.

The second most popular Chinese tattoo design is the Chinese symbol or inscription for LOVE. For couples who wanted to sport identical chest tattoos, this design is highly recommended. It is believed that couples or partners who have this design will never be apart. Not only will it be a good conversational piece, it is no doubt a great and unique way to immortalize a couples’ love for each other.

On the third spot, among many other Chinese designs, is the symbol for STRENGTH. This may rank only as the third in terms of popularity but some historians believed that among all Chinese tattoo designs, this one is the oldest. Reports say that several centuries ago, the elite group of body guards of the Emperor are inscribed with this mark. In fact, some reports even state that the Emperor himself bears this mark. Aside from physical strength, the inscription is said to likewise invoke courage and endurance in the battlefield. Lastly, the said symbol is said to bring potency in the matrimonial bed.

There are lots of designs out there, so if you are interested in getting inked with a Chinese tattoo design, perhaps it is high time you make your research on which one would best show off your individuality.

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