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Chest Tattoos For Black Men

13 Aug

chest tattoos for black men
chest tattoos for black men, Chest Tattoos

When you find yourself leafing through a portfolio of chest tattoos done in a specific tattoo shop, it is very likely that you chance upon a couple of angel wings tattoo design. Although there are a lot of variations of this design, this remains to be one of the most favorite designs both by male and female alike. Not only is it trans-gender aesthetically, but at the same time, people who put a lot of premium on symbolism gravitate towards getting this design for the things that they could stand for.

Protection – The Bible tells us that angels are heavenly beings tasked to carry out God’s will and protect us from evil. People who decide on this design are likely to be seeking protection or desiring to provide protection towards the people they care about.

In Memoriam – When we lost someone dear to us, we would like to believe that they are finally at rest with our Creator. Some have a fervent belief that the people they love who passed away are still with them to see them through and to watch over them as they go through their journey in this lifetime. To immortalize their love and devotion for a dead loved one, some would have their loved ones name tattooed on them in between wings of angel. Such may be the case for someone whose spouse, parent or child has passed away.

Transformation – In the same way that we regard death as an entrance to eternal life, this design may signify a time of transformation. It may be a period of repentance and reformation, when the person finally decided to ditch negative habits and change for the better. You may also find a variant of this design when an angel is stepping on a devil; such designs can mean the same. It may be a period of victory, when the person finally overcame destructive vices and chose to become a better person.

Purity – when we think of an angel, it is almost automatic that we think of the color white as well, simply because we know that angels are celestial and pure in nature. For a woman who wants this design inscribed on her, it could mean that she is seeking for purity in love or a lover with the purest intentions, someone to desire her without taking into account her vital statistics or her other aesthetic features.

Whether you want to have it solely for its aesthetic appeal or it stands for something you believe or uphold, an angel wings design is definitely a classic in terms of body art.

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