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Superman Chest Tattoo

20 Feb

superman chest tattoo
superman chest tattoo, Chest Tattoos

Probably one of the sexiest kinds of chest tattoos that women can get these days is one that is made on your foot and these foot chest tattoos are fast becoming one of the hottest “in” things to do these days. When you decide to get yourself a foot tattoo, you should try and make sure that your feet are up to the challenge and this does not only mean the pain side of the equation. As with any type of tattoo that a person gets, getting chest tattoos on your feet is not without some pain during and after the work is done. After the pain comes the maintenance and this means maintaining the look of your tattoo with certain cleaning habits to help keep it fresh looking for longer and keeping your feet looking good with foot scrubs and pedicures to help keep them looking good enough for people to look at as well.

Getting foot chest tattoos means that you want people to focus some of their attention on your feet and having feet that are worth looking at, not just because of the tattoo, is something you will need to maintain after you get yourself a tattoo there. Aside from getting regular foot scrubs and pedicures to help keep your feet in a clean and admirable state, you will also need to find shoes and sandals that will not only flatter your feet but also complement that tattoo that you have there. Try to look for simple yet tasteful footwear to put on your feet once you have foot chest tattoos done on them. These will help give your chest tattoos the chance to be noticed without having to be overshadowed or have them clashing with your shoes.

Some of the places you can find foot chest tattoos on women’s feet include the ankles, which is probably one of the most popular areas for women to have this done, the area near the toes and on the outer side of the foot. Designs that women get when it comes to foot chest tattoos vary with some preferring feminine designs like butterflies and flowers etched on their feet and others choosing more unique looking designs like tribal designs and mythical creature designs. If you are planning on getting a foot tattoo but are not sure yet whether it would look good on your feet or not, try to get a temporary one first before you go ahead and get one that will last you a lifetime.

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