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Upper Chest Tattoos For Men

06 Jun

upper chest tattoos for men
upper chest tattoos for men, Chest Tattoos

Words can create an impact on a person’s life. Harsh words can spawn anger or depression, while nice words can inspire and propel people to achieve greatness. The power of words does not rest on its quantity but on its associated meanings. Even a single word can hold tons of meaning and depth, depending on who uses the word. Having said that, it becomes easy to understand how letters found its way in the art of tattooing. Significant words such as names or adjectives are artfully written and are commonly incorporated in tattoo designs. Among the most popular skin art are Old English lettering chest tattoos.

Calligraphy techniques abound because of the existence of several writing systems unique to each culture. Among these is the style of lettering known as Old English writing. Contrary to popular belief the terms Old English letters as well as Old English lettering chest tattoos are inaccurately labeled. The description “Old English” more aptly represents the different writing styles used on the old English language. What we know as Old English lettering today is actually the Blackletter which has been the writing system used within Europe since the twelfth century. The Blackletter font is also known as the Gothic script.

A type of blackletter writing called the Textualis is one of the most ornamental writing styles perfect for Old English lettering chest tattoos. The textualis lettering immediately comes to mind when talking about the best Blacklettering, or generally Old English lettering, styles. In libraries and several museums, it can be observed that significant documents dating back from 1500 were carefully handwritten using this style. The elaborate embellishments of the style are indeed time-consuming when done. Yet, the amount of labor coupled with the ornaments adds to its authentic appeal. Old English lettering chest tattoos may vary depending on the technique used in applying the chest tattoos. Some artists use a print out of the letter while other artists prefer to do the outline manually.

Deciding what the Old English lettering chest tattoos will spell or say can be a bit tricky. But there are several sources of design inspiration for these. Tattoo enthusiasts often have their favorite quotations or favorite word written in blackletters. The most common however are names of special persons – relatives, personal heroes, lovers, engraved on their bodies. Common locations include the back and the stomach since these areas have ample spaces to exhibit the letter ornaments. Old English chest tattoos can be placed on the ankle, wrist and upper arm as well.

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